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The Hazel Edit: Women Who Inspire Us

The Hazel Edit: Women Who Inspire Us

In honor of International Women’s Day, we dedicate this month’s Hazel Edit to some modern mavens who are seriously motivating us to embrace where we are, seek solutions to our struggles, take chances, and surround ourselves with things that bring pure joy.

Denise Boomkens

WHO: A photographer with a penchant for authenticity, Denise Boomkens has mastered the art of finding beauty in the perfectly imperfect. 

WHAT: Her site is full of stunning photos and the accompanying stories of really awesome women who are all over 40. Her whole goal is to inspire with coolness towards aging, and she’s totally nailing it.

WHY: Her new book features portraits and interviews with 100 badass women and serves as a brilliant rule book for aging happily and healthily. 

Maryjane Fahey

WHO: Maryjane Fahey has a way with words, especially when it comes to aging: “I want to see fear-mongering about age become a thing of the past in my lifetime – let roaring into age prevail.”

WHAT: Wonder what aging looks like when you don’t give a f*#k? Glorious Broads is it. And it’s gorgeous and full of confidence, courage, grace, passion, sexiness, power, wisdom, worldliness, and wit. 

WHY: Her real talk is damn refreshing. And motivating. And really funny!

Stephanie Hall

WHO: Stephanie Hall named her line of stunning glassware after her grandmother Estelle, who she spent many-a-days hunting for similar treasures in antique stores in Holly Hill, South Carolina. 

WHAT: When she tried to find colored glass pieces a few years ago and came up empty, her brand of jewel tone and pastel stunners was born. We can’t even begin to explain how much joy these beauties bring us.

WHY: Whether for yourself or someone else, they pretty much make for the perfect present. P.S. Mix and match colors is the way to go. 

Katie Couric

WHO: Reason #3,672 to love Katie Couric – this open, honest conversation about hair loss.

WHAT: The psychological effects can be devastating, especially to women, but Katie’s conversation with Dr. Jeff Donovan is full of fascinating information, from root causes (pun intended) to tips to treatments. 

WHY: Is it weird that hair loss in women wasn’t a thing 100 years ago? Yes, yes it is. According to Dr. Donovan, there is definitely something environmental at play here. 

Nina Lorenz Collins 

WHO: Nina Lorenz Collins started a Facebook group on a whim one night to talk about how old and irrelevant she was feeling at 46. 

WHAT: Turns out she wasn’t alone. The group grew and grew as the women shared and learned from each other, and next thing you know, she was writing a book (What Would Virginia Wolf Do) on the topic and turning it into a business (The Woolfer).

WHY: Last year, she merged with Revel, a community of 40+ women full of sage advice, expert-led talks, and plenty of laughs. You should totally join! 

Nikol Johnson Sanchez

WHO: After brilliant beauty expert Nikol Sanchez Johnson read the Vogue article on Hazel, she reached out about trying our products. 

WHAT: We never expected (and are so humbled by) this thoughtful YouTube video, but we’re eternally grateful for her (totally unpaid) endorsement and for helping to normalize leakage.

WHY: She’s the definition of women supporting women.  

Linda Lautenberg & Judy Schoenberg

WHO: Linda Lautenberg reinvented her career after an 18-year break in the workforce, and Judy Schoenberg made a midlife pivot from executive to entrepreneur. They both know firsthand how daunting a career transition can be when you’re over 40. 

WHAT: They started EvolveMe to make the process easier for the rest of us. From training and tools to connections and community, they support you every step of the way through a professional pivot or return to work. 

WHY: Unfortunately ageism, gender discrimination, racism, and pay inequity are still rampant. Let them help you navigate finding your next career chapter.