We embrace everything that comes with being a woman.

We exist to empower you – the ever-evolving woman – with ground-breaking femme care and the elevated experience you so deserve. Our little luxuries make living your best life a whole lot easier.

For far too long, the incontinence category has made women feel ashamed and alienated (hello “adult diapers”); our products are all about boosting your confidence and making you feel like your marvelous self at every age.

We will always keep it real. We don’t shy away from the tough stuff. We eyeroll at the word perfect – we’re all about celebrating the perfectly imperfect.

So, just who is Hazel?

She’s fiercely independent and fiercely loyal to her loved ones.

She embraces her flaws and anything that comes her way.

She’s always on the hunt for adventure, excitement, and joy.

She has a signature drink, uniform, and catchphrase.

She’s resourceful, welcoming modernity with an open mind.

She laughs loudly and listens intently. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Rather, she seeks a solution.

She’s a sly, knowing grin; a cheeky, sparkling wink.

She’s you.