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The Hazel Edit: A Nontoxic State Of Mind

The Hazel Edit: A Nontoxic State Of Mind


Welcome to The Hazel Edit, a monthly series with a very simple mission: to inspire and delight you with the things we're watching, wearing, gifting, following, listening to... all of it!

In honor of Earth month, we dedicate this month’s The Hazel Edit to a mindset that’s better for your body, your relationships, and the planet. 

For us, that means choosing products that don’t contain harmful ingredients (but never sacrifice efficacy), being open to change and growth (while always remaining true to yourself), and prioritizing sustainable purchases and practices (that, of course, never require compromise).


There’s nothing not to LOVE about this line of activewear – it’s size-inclusive (XXS-6XL), uber-flattering, super-comfy, made out of recycled water bottles, and comes in the prettiest cheerful hues. 

Kindra x In The Groove Toolbox

Two of our favorite brands joined forces to curate a selection of 10 clean (but uber-powerful) beauty products that support the needs of aging women – from a neck-firming cream to a hair-thickening booster to a collagen-boosting serum. 

Maison Louis Marie

Clean botanical soy candles with unique, complex scents in four distinct profiles – Earthy & Woody, Floral, Fresh, Warm & Spicy. The handy online guide breaks down the top, mid, and base notes, making it easy for you to choose one that speaks to you. (Though truly, you can’t go wrong.)

Brene Brown: Atlas of The Heart

A new docuseries from the infamous researcher/author/podcaster explores how we can cultivate the most meaningful connections with ourselves and each other. Through the five episodes, you’ll come to understand the connection between how people feel, think, and behave – and how that changes everything.

Lula’s Garden

Not only are these the prettiest succulent gardens you ever did see, but they’re also super low maintenance and almost impossible to kill. A single plant brings fresh vibes to a powder room, while a garden makes for a brilliant centerpiece with serious staying power.

Aman Bath Soak

Treat your body to this scrub with serious healing powers for the body and mind. This transformative soak will ease physical and emotional tension, increase focus, boost energy, stimulate circulation, exfoliate, and make your skin glow.