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The Fine Art of Our Femme Care

The Fine Art of Our Femme Care

It all started with you. 

Conversations about the changes our bodies go through as we approach 50, 60, 70. Over and over we kept hearing the same thing: The incontinence options were awful and outdated. 

So we set out to design a product that addressed every pain point and included every last detail on your wish lists. 

First, we listened. 

Knowledge is power, so we started by doing our homework: We surveyed 1,000+ women ages 45-75 who experience leaks, conducted hundreds of in-depth 1-on-1 interviews, and held multiple focus groups.

Then we formed a sisterhood – kindred spirits that just get it.

Our Customer Advisory Board consists of 25 women from a variety of ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. They were (and still are!) involved every step of the way in the product development process.

It was finally time to get down to brass tacks. 

The list of must-haves was a lengthy one:

  • Look and feel like real underwear (the cute kind)
  • No VPL (visible panty lines)
  • Control top for a flattering silhouette under clothes
  • Thin enough to go undetectable under leggings
  • Zero bulk (i.e. The opposite of an adult diaper)
  • Contoured to your body so it stays put (no awkward adjusting every time you sit/stand)
  • No swishing sound when you walk
  • Super-absorbent (must hold a bladder-full of liquid, just in case)

We were up for the challenge.

In order to bring this ground-breaking product to fruition, we enlisted a team of fashion designers and material scientists. After over a year of prototypes, followed by fittings, followed by tweaks, followed by more prototypes, and on and on (for 10+ iterations), we finally nailed it. 

And that's how the High & Dry Brief came to be!