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Ever-Evolving Woman | Susan Feldman

Ever-Evolving Woman | Susan Feldman

At Hazel, we embrace everything that comes with being a woman. And by everything, we mean everything – from periods and perimenopause to leaks and low sex drive. Through this series, we share the stories of inspiring tastemakers and rule breakers living their truth at every age. We don’t shy away from taboos. We eyeroll at the word perfect – it’s all about celebrating the perfectly imperfect. 

Susan Feldman is a go-getter. A self-described worker bee. A total badass.

When the One Kings Lane co-founder sees an opportunity, she springs into action (wildly successful action at that). She was 53 when she launched OKL – a passion project she chose over retirement – and 60 when they sold it to Bed Bath & Beyond.  

And then a thing started happening. As she began re-engaging with friends 50+ after being heads down for basically seven years, she kept hearing the same thing over and over: They weren’t feeling great about themselves – the word invisible came up a lot.  

She told us, “My hypothesis was that women were feeling this way because around 50, it’s a perfect storm for so many of us – you go through menopause, become empty nesters, and you're looking at a partner you haven’t been engaged with in 20 years and aren’t sure if you even want to be with that person anymore. It’s a LOT.”

She started researching where these women were going online, and the options were either AARP or a sea of bloggers – no one had built a go-to brand for them. And the crazy thing is, they spend 250% more than any other demo out there. It was a huge opportunity.

And that’s how In The Groove came to be. A lifestyle destination for age-defying women, it’s a brilliant resource for everything you should know about, from chic must-have staples for your closet to the moisturizer that’s going to smoothe out crepey skin to the fancy lube that’s going to change your sex life. 

Read on for Susan’s refreshing perspective on aging, her self-care routine, and why sex gets more interesting as you get older.  

On A Mission

My goal with In The Groove is to show women 50+ in a different light. We’re a new generation (nothing like our mothers) – we’re healthier, wealthier, and trying to find our way. It’s my way of doing a small part to change the conversation around ageism because, sadly, of all the isms, it’s the last one for people to get to. My hope is that it makes these women feel seen and want to engage more.  

The Curator

I’ve always been a good listener and observer, and I’ve worked in fashion my whole career. When I go out, I’m always eyes wide open, looking around to see what’s going on culturally and picking up on trends. That’s what In The Groove is all about. 

On Aging

The best thing about getting older is getting older – it’s a privilege, a gift. The last 1.5 years, so many haven’t had the gift of celebrating a birthday. We spent a lot of time with our son, daughter-in-law, and two grandkids during Covid and that time was so special – that’s what it’s all about. They have since moved 3,000 miles away, which has been hard, but now all three of our kids live back East, so we get to see everyone at the same time! 

Self Care

One day I look in the mirror and feel good about myself, and the next it’s like what has happened?! You can dress to your body as it changes, but the wrinkles and crepey skin can be a real bummer. But with age you get this wisdom that no one is turning back the clock, so you take care of yourself – eat well and exercise – to feel your best. 

Up And At ‘Em

I’m a morning person and start my day with exercise because if it doesn’t happen then, it’s probably not going to happen. I switch it up between pilates, spinning, and rebounding, and I play golf on the weekends (always walking the course). 

Ever-Evolving Means... 

Taking care of yourself – inside and outside – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Coming to terms with wherever you are in life and figuring out how to be happy and productive. My mom is 92 and has stopped exercising, so I recently said to my youngest daughter, ‘If I ever get to that point, remind me to keep going!’ It can be hard to motivate yourself. 

Free Your Mind

Mentally, as you get older, your perspective on things changes – Don’t sweat the small stuff truly becomes a reality. You address what’s important, and the rest you just let it go. I finally learned how to say ‘no’ (I’ve been a pleaser all my life), which has put me in a better place mentally and emotionally. 

Who Runs The World?

I’m so inspired by my daughters and women of the younger generations – they are awesome, strong, and kickass in how they think about things, act, and what they are doing personally and professionally. 

Fill In The Blanks...

Sex gets __________ as you get older because ___________ .

Sex gets more interesting because you need to get creative!  

Keep It Simple

My style has always been classic with a twist. It’s become more of that since I’ve gotten older. I spent my 30s and 40s accumulating, then my 50s and 60s figuring out that I didn’t need all of it. I now know what I like and what looks good on me – great core classics and have fun with accessories.