High & Dry Briefs

Disposable, seamless briefs look and feel like underwear and hold up to 1.5 cups of liquid (a bladder full). And, yes, that’s a control top because we get you.
Color: Onyx
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Why Hazel? Glad you asked!

  • Thoughtful design

    Innovative design that leaves you no-leak chic.

  • Flexible subscription

    You decide what arrives when. Make changes any time.

  • The Hazel Promise

    Love it, or we’ll cover it.

  • Breathable & odor-resistant, made with natural fibers
  • Ultra-thin, seamless design (invisible even under leggings)
  • Super-absorbent (holds up to 1.5 cups of liquid)

So, what are they made of?

Innovative materials safe for even the most sensitive skin.

  • Moisture-wicking natural fibers
  • Breathable & odor-eliminating
  • Super-absorbent and disposable

Fit & Design

We collaborated with fashion designers for a sleek, stylish fit.

  • Control-top for smooth support
  • Ultra-thin design, zero bulkiness
  • Seamless (no VPL here!)


These are not your granny's panties.
I love not wearing a pad. It doesn't move when I run.

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